“Been having a weekly session with Andy for about 5 weeks now, he has an excellent knowledge and he's super motivating. He's helped me work my way to achieving my goals and I've seen constant improvements which is down to his training! Would 100% recommend”


"I am a relatively experienced weight trainer, however, I used Andy Conroy's expert services for three sessions (one of which was free) to improve technique on bench press, deadlift and squat. His lessons were invaluable to aid improved safety and of course, performance. He also wrote me a new program to improve progress moving on. Andy is very personable, friendly and above all knowledgeable, with plenty of excellent tips to help with successful, productive workouts."


"After completing personal training packages with 2 different trainers, I still felt weak, lost and unconfident in the gym so I hired Andy as my personal trainer. After one session with Andy, I already felt like I’d learned more than in all of my previous sessions combined. Now, after a handful of sessions, I am feeling confident and comfortable in the gym and like I am finally on the right path to achieving my fitness goals. - He has a true passion for bodybuilding and weightlifting which really shines through and rubs off on you. As well as being very inspiring, this also means that he pays much more attention to detail than other trainers and has applied a few principals to my training that my previous trainers missed. - He explains things in a very clear, non-confusing manner whilst still packing in lots of information - As well as sharing his formal training and factual knowledge, he isn’t afraid to share anecdotes of what he has learned through trial and error throughout his weightlifting career. This is great because firstly, it makes his teachings more relatable and memorable and secondly, it gives us insights that we would either never realise ourselves or would learn the hard way. - He is very supportive and encouraging and will push you to do your best. His philosophy is that you should never miss a rep and he will make sure that is achievable for you with the exercises that he chooses for you, rather than pushing you to do more than you can handle. This is so that you don’t get disheartened when you don’t finish it and feel good and accomplished in your sessions, so you’re motivated to continue progressing. If you’re around the Bishop’s Waltham area and want to start going to the gym, you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice by not learning from Andy. I would highly recommend his services!"


“I couldn't recommend Andy enough, very professional, really good prices always there for support even outside of sessions, really good advice, always goes above and beyond to suit your needs and to help progress you to your full potential. Also very flexible with regards to your personal training program, enjoying every minute with Andy and looking forward to continuing the journey ahead”


Been working out with Andy few months now. I travel a lot, so he prepared special circuits for every circumstance. When my health failed, he didn't disappoint either. There's zero overwhelming pressure when training with Andy (and that's not as obvious as one might think), but he definitely knows how to encourage his clients to push their limits. Great listener too, he'll always consider your preferences in training and diet plan. I enjoyed every session and I'll be happy to work with Andy as long as possible. I'd recommend him to everyone


Brilliant trainer who cares about the training more than the money. Concentrates on individual's needs and goals. Andy is helping me get my knee back into shape.


Andy was recommended to me by a friend. Having suffered Chronic back pain for over 20 years I was hoping to be able to move more freely. After a short time I was able to walk for longer than 30 minutes without having to stop and am now reducing my long term use of painkillers. Each session is tailored to how I feel. Andy is very adaptable and I highly recommend him.


As an older person, in my 70s, who had mobility and stability problems, together with general unfitness due to lack of exercise because of these problems and was prone to falls, I consider myself fortunate to have met Andy. In the year we have been working together, he has enabled me to regain my mobility, including tackling stairs more safely, and to hugely improve my balance - I haven't fallen over once in that time. My overall strength has greatly increased and so has my feeling of well-being. Andy is thoughtful, knowledgeable and encouraging. Every session is tailored to what I need and he always has a useful suggestion as to how occasional aches, strains etc can be helped. We have a friendly relationship and, while working hard also have lots of laughs. He's the best!!


Love this guy, when I started I had back pain and could barely walk for 5 minutes, 9 months in I had lost 5 stone, was squatting nearly 140kgs and felt better than I had in years Andy will push you but on a custom plan and only as hard as you can manage. I cannot recommend him highly enough.